Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Alwyn Cosgrove once said the man who doesn't read is in the same situation as the man who doesn't know how to. Pretty powerful message. One of the greatest tools in advancing your education, experience in any field is to read. I've heard it said that if you read an hour a day for five years on one subject its the equivalent of getting a masters in the subject. After ten years, you will be considered an expert in your field.

Besides, reading is fun. I'm not happy if I don't have a few books on different subjects going on at once.

Here's my current reading list.

Athletes Elbow. I have a personal interest in this, as I'm 10 weeks out from surgery on my right elbow.

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest. I just finished this, I really enjoyed this series. Pure fiction, but great for before bed. I've heard a few people say it's best to read fiction before going to bed.

Stones into Schools. Just started this one. Looking forward to this as it's somewhat a sequel to Three Cups of Tea. I got a chance to hear the author speak last month. Very cool.

Fascial Manipulation for Musculoskeletal Pain. Just plain interesting stuff.

The Genius in All of Us. Another diving into the subject of nature/nurture. Talent or Hard work. Circumstance or created opportunity. I'm always interested in this topic. Epigenetics is fascinating. Hint: You're in control more than you think!

Body by Science. Excellent science, makes you think long and hard about how much exercise you really need. I like stuff that challenges already established beliefs I carry. Makes you really think through, what you do, what you have athletes do. Always a good thing.

What are you reading????

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