Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday Motivation: Soldiers Serving

This past February I was lucky enough to get to go the Vancouver Olympics.  We had 3 men's teams competing there.

It was needless to say an amazing experience.  One of the great things was getting able to work with awesome, amazing people.  One such person was John Napier.  He was featured in Parade Magazine.  He was the youngest bobsled pilot on tour.  He is in a program called World Class Athletes Program.  He is a soldier in the US Army.

After the Olympics John decided he wanted to serve a more active roll, so he volunteered to go to Afghanistan.

He could have easily just have stayed home and done the glorified recruitment tours talking about his Olympic experience.  John went the other way.  He is serving in Afghanistan as you read this.  People like this are amazing in my book.

Here are a few pics of their, "weight room."  Don't ever complain about your gyms lack of equipment.  Don't ever complain your gym is to hot or to cold.  Actually, next time you have something to complain about, don't.

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