Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Patient Education in Grand Rapids

In my office I have one piece of patient education on display.  That doesn't mean I think patient education isn't important, but I wanted one message to come across.  As you can see, there is an optimal line and a pain line.  The blocks make up many different things that are causing dysfunction in the body.  You can see getting rid of one block will put you below the pain line.  But you're nowhere near optimal.  How many times have I heard, well I don't need to do that, I do my stretches in the morning and gets rid of my pain, ever since I've done yoga my pain is gone, when I added this supplement, I'm good.

Or the pain goes away, but a week or a month later it comes back.  Here is viable and reliable information.  When load, which is any external force, exceeds capacity (every structure in your body has some limit) you start to get decreased performance and pain.

Do you want to just get out of pain, or do you want to reach optimal health and performance.  Remove each block of dysfunction.  Don't stop at the pain is gone, keep getting rid of dysfunction.

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