Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Random Rants and Thoughts from a Grand Rapids Chiropractor

Here are just a few ideas floating around from some patient experiences I've had in the last few months of treatment.

1. Occipital/axis bones being locked in cervical extension causes more then just neck pain. The suboccipital muscles and this upper cervical joint have a lot to do with overall joint health down the line, even the pelvis. I have more understanding and respect for pure upper cervical chiropractors then in the past.

2. Work capacity for training is underdeveloped. The ability to put in work without performance decreasing is paramount. When your work capacity is high. I think your able to do what I consider some of the future of training. Heavy circuits. Not just going from bodyweight or low load stations, but heavy deadlifts, heavy military presses, strength moves essentially, all the while keeping the rest nil and your heart rate skyrocketing.

3. Adductor magnus continues to give me improved hip function after releasing these muscles.

4. A great pairing in training for the upper body is an unstable exercise and then a power exercise. Example TRX or blast strap push up into a Dumbell Press or Floor Press. I haven't found this to correlate for the lower body.

5. From a personal endo crash on my mountain bike, tricep endurance is critical is you wish to keep from making stupid mistakes and potentially having a crash.

6. I've had three cases where a lot of soft tissue work on the quadricep has eliminated chronic back pain. All male and all super active.

7. No amount of exercise/stretching can balance the position of the aerobars on your neck and upper back for people training for an IronMan. They need manual therapy, upper cervical adjustments and soft tissue work. 4-7 hours on a bike every few days with that head out, eyes up position cannot be balanced out.

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