Thursday, June 5, 2014

A Revisit to the Bunkie Test

I had previously put a video out describing a limited use of the Bunkie test a few years ago.  I hadn't been doing much with it in the last few years as I didn't find that it correlated with a decrease in leg problems.

Going over some other stuff this week, I came across this research paper.  Relationship of Bunkie Test and Select Biomotor Abilities. While the findings didn't correlate the Bunkie test to injury prevention, there was a strong prediction for better performance to a few standard athletic tests.  10m, 40 meter sprint, repeated sprint test, vertical jump etc...

The study was done with I believe 120 rugby athletes.  One thing I didn't realize is that the test is held for 40 Seconds.

An interesting side note was that the left lateral stability line did show a significant difference in performance while the right did not.  I find this interesting as the PRI system has a little more significance for left leg stability.

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