Monday, June 16, 2014

Finding Your Caloric Needs

I drove over to Toronto to attend Alan Aragon Nutritional special topics seminar over the weekend.  I'll be working on a more complete review but thought I'd share his Caloric needs calculator as I believe not many people actually realize how much they should be eating.

Target Weight x (9-11 + Hours you train per week)

The 9-11 means 9 for easy gainers,  11 for real hard gainers.  So if you look at food or are trying to lose weight give yourself a 9.  If your a hard gainer or gaining weight give yourself an 11.

Target weight is what you want to weigh.

Hours per week is how many hours you are actually training.

So if I'm a 200lb man that wants to weight 190lbs.  I want to lose weight and I workout 5 hours per week, it will look like this.

190 x (9+5) = 2,660 calories a day.

Alan recommends 1 gram per lb of target bodyweight so in this example 190 grams of protein.

Fat grams are 1/2g for target bodyweight.  So in this example of 190lb man, would be 95 grams.

Carbs are the remaining.

190x4 for protein calories =  760
95x9 for fat calories = 855
Adding those together we get 1615 calories.
This leaves us 1045 calories from carbs or 261 grams of carbs.

So now you know your daily caloric needs and how to break down the macronutrients.

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