Friday, June 13, 2014

Driving Becomes Continued Education

I used to hate spending any time in the car.  20 min or 20 hours.  I hated car rides.  Longer rides were looked at with dread.  Enter the Podcast.

The Podcast for me has changed my attitude, from hatred to annoyance to, eh...not so bad.  Dare I say at sometime enjoyable.  I'm driving to Toronto today to attend Alan Argon Nutrition seminar.  It's about 6 hours away.  There and back will be close to 12 hours of continuing education.  Learning from some interesting people.  Bonus, it's all free.  Here's my lineup.

1.  Tim Ferris:  Guest is Rhonda Patrick.  I've been listening to everything she has been on.  Very smart in her field.

2.  Joe Rogan Podcast:  Guest is Enson Inoue a Japanese American MMA.   Joe Rogan podcasts are hit and miss for me.  Some are amazing.  Some I don't have any interest in the subject.

3.  Bulletproof Exec:  Guest is Terry Wahls.  The Wahls diet is supposed to increase mitochondrial health and is used to combat Multiple Sclerosis.

4. The James Altucher Show:  Guest Robert Greene.  Talks about Mastery and mastering what you love.

5.  The James Altucher Show:  Guest Steve Scott:  Sounds like it will be on blogging, business and creating a better business.

6.  Ben Greenfield Show:  Guest Nick Delgado:   5 most Potent Age Defying Secrets.


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