Friday, June 27, 2014

Blood Work and My Next Steps

I had my blood work done a few weeks ago.  For the past I'd say 1/2 year or so, I was still doing Intermittent Fasting 2x a week.  One of my main dietary goals was to see what around 100-125 grams a fat a day would feel like.  I honestly have felt pretty good.  Good energy for training, my sleep has been solid, I felt my recovery was OK.  Joint discomfort was maybe a little above my normal.  I wasn't keeping track of calories or protein intake.

I've posted before about some "Fat Shakes"  that I was using, (still had lots of protein and carbs) and I've done bulletproof style coffee a few times, but mostly just shakes.  Extra avocados, grass fed butter, whole raw milk and coconut oil were some staples.  

Triglyceride:  90
Total Cholesterol:  250
HDL:  85
LDL  147
Chol/HDL ration:  2.9  (they say under 5 is a good number)

CRP (c-reactive protein)  0.1    This is under 1.0 and is low risk for cardiovascular disease.

Homocysteine:  8.4  Another coronary risk marker  They say the ideal level is under 8, but normal is 4.5-15.0

Testosterone Total:  840
Sex Hormone Bind Globulin  87    Test states 10-80 is normal.  So this was high
Testosterone Free  6.76  1.9-27 is considered normal.  I'm reading about how to raise the free levels.

Vitamin D  46   I'd actually like mine in the 55-65 range.  So at 8000iu  I'm still not getting enough.

I had Zinc RBC and Magnesium RBC and all within normal limits.

I had ordered an Hemoglobin A1C test but there was error so didn't get a reading.

No I'm going after around 175 grams of Protein a day with a caloric count of around 2700 calories.  I've added in much more cardio as I'm training for a mountain bike race as well.  We'll see how my numbers change.

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