Sunday, June 15, 2014

Fathers Day Lessons

It's Fathers Day today.  My second one where I actually count having a kid.  You could say it's my 2nd year on the job.  Like all jobs, you learn some things about yourself.  You come to appreciate other things and value things more or less.  Here's some random thoughts that I think can apply to other things as well.

Acceptance: The biggest thing with having a kid, is you quickly you learn you are not in charge.  Coming from a personality that has compelled me to have my own business so that I never have to deal with people telling me what to do, this was something I fought long and hard against.  Learn to accept the things you will never change.

Adapt:  I loved to stay up late reading and wake up when my body says it was time to get up.  Take my time in the morning, workout, then head to work.  It was my routine.  Obviously with a kid, that lifestyle is no longer possible.  At first it felt like I was giving up my time to read and workout.  I had my routine that I didn't want to change.  Ultimately, I realized I can read anytime, sneak in 15 min here and there.  Workouts are the same.  Have a few set blocks, but find ways to workout that don't take up 1.5 hours.

Appreciate:  I think I appreciate what my dad has done for me more now that I have had a kid.

Assessment:  I think I was a pretty selfish individual.  Having a kid has helped me make me less so.  This I think has helped me be a better therapist and person.

Having a kid has been the best gift I never really wanted.  I was never the guy that thought having a kid was going to be awesome, just thought it was going to be work.  My wife wanted kids, so it was an afterthought for me.  There are times when my daughter asks me a question or laughs that I can't imagine why I would ever not want to be there in that moment.  Those times are well worth the trivial inconveniences that I had perceived would be life changers for me.

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