Saturday, September 6, 2014

Dr. Mark Cheng Prehab/Rehab Videos

I just finished the first DVD download of Dr. Mark Chengs Prehab/Rehab available from Movement Lectures.  It was quality teaching.  These days when I purchase any educational material whether video, book or seminar, I'm looking to gain just a few nuggets of knowledge or a new way of looking at something.  If you can gain a few new pieces of information it's worth it.  I'll buy books for a single chapter of info.

This one is loaded with practical information that has a few twists I've never seen before.  For example, I've known and used the diaphragm importance for awhile.  Dr. Cheng shows a unique kettlebell across the lower abs to facilitate better breathing that I've never seen used before.  Tried it this morning and works wonderfully.  This is something I can use Monday Morning in clinic.  Stuff like that.  Very cool.

He has some awesome Sphinx positions that I thought looked pretty easy until I tried.  I realized how stiff my upper Thoracic spine has become.  Nice progressions for every level.  This is more and more important the more you work with people.  Often the things that help an 80 year old grandma is the same stuff that can help a 25 year old professional athlete, it just needs to be scaled correctly.  Principles stay the same, the method will change.

I recommend this for the health professional.

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