Friday, September 19, 2014

Great Presentation about Motor Unit Recruitment from Chad Waterbury

I'm always amazed at some of the quality of information you can gain for free from the Internet.  I watched this awesome presentation from Chad Waterbury last night through the NCAA.  It's all about motor unit recruitment.  Strength, power, fat loss and muscle gain all are dictated by motor unit recruitment.

Maximize Motor Unit Recruitment.

Some notes:
The most important thing is to recruit more motor units.
3 ways.
1. Lift heavy (over 85% of max)
2. Lift Sub maximal fast (50-85%)
3.  High Tension activities.

Must have high nervous system drive.  Fight or flight drives nervous system.  Some muscles are more prone to have higher motor units, for example hamstrings.

If intent to lift fast is needed, does tempo training make sense?  Probably not.  It slows the tempo down and instead of thinking about the weight, you're counting.

As soon as you get past 10 sec, the motor unit recruitment goes down.

You were probably told when the set gets hard and those last few reps are grinders that you are recruiting more motor units.  This is completely false.  Does this make sense then do drop sets?  Probably not!

High tension activities that can't last longer then 10 seconds.  Example is rings.  Rings allow to place the body in unusual angles that require a tremendous amount of tension to control.

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