Thursday, September 25, 2014

Training and Practice

One of things I think a lot about lately is movement.  It struck me the other day that I'm not really training when I'm practicing movement.  Training has a harsher concept in my head.  I'm practicing movement.  I have a movement practice.  It's not something I can't do because I suck at a movement and it's not something that once I accomplish it, I can move on or switch my practice.  You still practice whether you are awesome or whether you move like a robot without oil.

I train a deadlift to allow me to express stronger movement.  I practice movements to allow my joints and muscles to explore motions that aren't used in routine life.

I train on a bike, going faster or further to get better at riding for a race.  I don't practice my bike.  I train it.  Practice movement, train your goals.  If your goals happen to be better movement, then you're doing both!

Start thinking of having a movement practice.   I think GMB (Gold Medal Bodies) does a great job of helping you create a movement practice.  I also think Animal Flow by Mike Fitch does an amazing job.  Functional Range Conditioning does an amazing job of bridging those two worlds.  What you are training for may only be attainable by having better movement.

Either way, start a movement practice and enjoy it.

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