Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Revisiting Bone Broth

Bone broth has been something I've been reading about since the book "Deep Nutrition."  It has some remarkable health benefits and the book even boldly states some of the increase in connective tissue injuries is a direct relationship to our decrease in the ingestion of this food.

I recently found a place that will sell all natural bone broth and am going to start experimenting with the adding this into my weekly consumption.  If you live in Grand Rapids, MI, the store is called Nourish.

Ben Greenfield just did an excellent podcast on some of the health benefits of Bone Broth as well as does a very nice job of providing what seems to be some pretty easy recipes for cooking your own broth, stock (there is a difference) and how to incorporate that into your culinary lifestyle.

1. Joint Health.  We have all heard of glucosamine (supplement).  Well thats a supplement because joint surfaces need something we shorten to as GAG.  It's always better to get in whole food form as we digest and assimilate this more.

2.  Skin Health.  Anything that has collagen.  Skin, nails ect..

3.  Digestion.  It improves the small intestine health.

4.  Liver Detox:   I've never heard of this, but supposedly the broth can help create a healthier liver.

Here is the podcast from Ben Greenfield.  A quick easy 40 min listen, worth it to just know how the best guy in the "broth" world  makes his broth.  "What is Bone Broth"

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