Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Some Common Organ Referred Pain

Most of the time a local pain is just that, a local pain.  Shoulder pain is most often something to do with a musculoskeletel problem, but it's always good idea to at least know what other things may be causing pain in the body.  Perhaps something to keep in the back of your mind if you have something that come up suddenly without any explanation or something that just doesn't go away.

Liver, gall bladder, spleen and lung may refer pain to the shoulder.  They believe this is from the organ being dysfunctional and the diaphragm being a conveyor of impulse through the phrenic nerve C3,4,5 that the brain can misread as a shoulder problem, as 4,5 are large innovators for the deltoid.  The right tip of the scapula can also be present.

Gastric problems can refer pain to between the shoulder blades.  T5,6,7.  Again these are some nerves that innervate the stomach.

Appendix will create right lower abdominal pain.  

Constipation can create lower lumbar pain. 

Heart is the most commonly known referral pain.  Left arm pain that can lead into the hand. 

Pancreas can have pain in T5-9 and also left shoulder pain.

Prostate can refer pain to the abdomen, lower back and calfs.  

Brain Freeze can happen when the Vagus nerve cools.  (I get this severely)  

Kidneys can refer pain to the lower back right below the ribs and also into the groin.

Adrenals can refer pain to the inside of the knees.  

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right shoulder pain-gall bladder