Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sunday Ramblings

Reading though "Born to Walk" a hypothesis was stated that perhaps H.Sapien outlasted H. Neanderthal because of the semi circular canal in the ear.  It improved the H.Sapiens lateral line.  Interesting.

The more I watch Dr. Mark Chengs Prehab/Rehab, the more I realize the importance of slight modifications.  Paying attention to one thing can dramatically improve the outcome.  Don't be lazy in your warm up, in your correctives.  Work it.  Which brings about another key aspect.  The brain is the biggest user of glucose in the body.  The more you make the brain "work" the more you sweat, the more metabolic demand is placed on the body.  That's why you can do an air squat and feel nothing, but then do a highly concentrated corrective squat and be out of breath and sweating.  I also think this is a good way to keep the brain young.  Stress new movements.  Quality movements.

If you want a fascinating science read.  "How Horseshoe Crab Blood Saves Millions of Lives."  Wow that was interesting.  They have blue blood and are being used to test certain drugs and vaccines.

I had my first cyclocross race of the season.  Very fun, very intense, a crazy blend of aerobic/anaerobic fitness and skills.

I signed up to head over to Switch Crossfit seminar featuring amazing Olympic lifter Derrick Johnson in Clinton, MI.  I'll definitely be doing a large write up on the event.  I know he does some training under Dr. Craig Liebenson so I'm sure he will be loaded with great info.  Half the seminar will be devoted to warm up and mobility work.

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