Saturday, October 18, 2014

Being Sick Sucks

The last 36 hours I've been fighting a fever.  Everyone at some point gets sick.  I think people with kids tend to get it a little more.

In the throws of high temp and lagging energy, we make ourselves promises, I'll eat less sugar, get more sleep, listen to my body to relax instead of doing another workout.

Friday,  I knew I was a little off. Instead of resting, I pushed it to the max on a mountain bike ride and ended up with extreme chills and a fever in less then an hour.  My wife made sure to point it out that she told me to rest.  lol.

No one is Superman.  We must respect what are bodies are fighting.

Next up is fasting.  Letting my body takes all its energy towards fighting the infection.  Through it all, I'm thankful that I'm healthy.  Even when your sick you have an amazing healthy organism.  Raising the temperature to just the right amount to kill the infection.  Pretty amazing when you stop to think about it.

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