Monday, February 22, 2010

2man Race Results

Going into the final day of competition the USA 1 sled was .12 from a bronze and in the medal hunt. Sad to say,it didn't last and ended up 6th. It's hard to beat the Germans, Andre Lange is just a driving machine. Although we weren't favored to get a medal in two man, when after the first day, your in the hunt, it's hard not to get your hopes up.

Andre Lange with brakemen Kevin Kuske (the biggest guy on tour at 262 lb) won gold. He's a class act as well, carries himself how you picture a champion would. Thomas Floreschutz (another German pilot) with brakemen Richard Adjei won silver. Russian team of Alexander Zubkov and brakemen Alexei Voevoea won bronze. An interesting tidbit, Voeyvoda was the World Arm Wrestling Champion. I've seen him arm wrestle some big dudes on tour and he would pin them like he was wrestling air. He has some pretty cool training video's on youtube.

Well we have a day off here in Whistler, going to go try to catch some ski jumping live. Four man training begins tomorrow and the kick off of the Womens race as well.

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