Friday, February 19, 2010

Take Nothing For Granted

Sports is predictably unpredictable. What's the old saying, "that's why you play the game." Because what you think may happen doesn't always happen. Earlier this year we lost a great pilot due to a dramatic injury. Taking his place was another pilot for the US that had just refused to quit. He just wouldn't go away and now he's in the Olympics piloting a sled down the fastest track in the world. Earlier this week a top pilot for Latvia had an acute appendicitis and underwent surgery. He won the four man event last year on this track and had a strong chance to be a contender for an Olympic medal. He says he will race, but that would be a long shot now. Yesterday on the first day of training, the pilot and potentially the best push athlete in the world for Switzerland crashed and received a very bad concussion. He's doubtful to be able to compete this weekend. There's never more truth in the saying as taking it one day at a time, one step at a time and being grateful to be healthy, then in sport. Because you never know when it will be gone.

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