Tuesday, February 9, 2010

First Morning in Vancouver

Woke up this morning to this sunrise over the bay. We proceeded to breakfast and to Olympic orientation. Special guest speaker was Dan Obrien. If you don't know who Dan Obrien is.....well come on! He's the Gold medal winner in the Decathlon in the 96 Atlanta games. One of the few who walk this earth with the title Worlds Greatest Athlete. He's the first athlete I can remember growing up really following and rooting for. Remember the Dan vs Dave Reebok commercials? I was devastated when he didn't make the 92 Olympics. He talked about how his biggest disappointment spring boarded him to his greatest success. It was really cool to meet someone you grew up watching and rooting for.

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Dr. Scott said...

Awesome man, super excited for you!, it was great to hear from you today, thanks for the call. Looking forward to chatting to you after its all done! Good luck and have fun, take it all in.