Wednesday, February 3, 2010

San Diego Training Camp

It was a great week in Chula Vista, California. It was so nice to be back in some warmth and sun. We spent a week there training and recovering. A horrendous virus wreaked havoc on our teams in Austria, so much of the week the athletes spent eating, gaining back the several kilos that were lost through enteric violence.

Personally I would like to thank the training staff there as they helped me get back on my feet after a little back problem flared up and knocked me on my back a few days.

I roomed with two awesome strength coaches. Jon Carlcok and Jason Hartman. Jon was in this months Outside magazine and Jason was in last months Mens Health. It was fun to talk training with two extremely smart but humble people. One of his athletes told me that Jason has 16 athletes going to compete in Vancouver. 16! Awesome.

Today I found out Proctor and Gamble is giving 3000 dollars in a gift card to all the Olympic Athletes moms. They said the moms deserve a thanks for doing all the've done. Pretty Sweet! United airlines has been a sponsor for awhile. It was really nice of them to let me not pay the $125 overweight fee on one of my bags. Thanks!

We're in Park City, UT today through Monday before heading up to the "Big Show." The "Today Show" was up at the track today, Lester took a ride with Steven Holcumb and his crew. Not sure when that will air, but keep an eye out.

Until then .....

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Dr. Scott said...

Wish you guys all the best luck in Vancouver!.....but between us, I am wishing Canada just slightly more :) North America 1,2,3 would be perfect :)
Take Care J and good luck and good job helping everyone reach their dreams!