Sunday, February 21, 2010

Olympics: First day of 2man Race

The first day of two man turned out to be a real head turner, filled with some great action and jubilation and also some great heartache. Right now the US teams are sitting in 4th (Steve Holcumb and Curt Tomasevicz) just .12 out from the bronze and 11,12 respectively. Mike Kohn is in 12 having moved up from 18th on his last run of the day. Mike has the fewest trips on this track then anyone in the competition.

Curt propelled the USA 1 sled to some of the fastest pushes of the day, solidifying in my mind that he is the best pusher in the world. There are a few surprises, Romania is hanging around in the 9th position. They have a young brakemen that is showing some real talent. It's always fun to have a smaller country push themselves up into the top ten.

The real heartache of the day goes to Canada 1 Lyndon Rush. They were cruising, having the top pushes and some of the top speeds and he lost it in curve 13. Curve 11,12,13 are some of the trickiest in the world. Holcumb almost crashed on his first run today. Lyndon actually finished the race upside down and is in 18th place. To understand why everyone is so bummed out is that Lyndon is a great guy, you can't help but root for him. Just the other day he was helping out our young driver John Napier with lines. Lines are where a driver is steering. Basically he was giving him his inside information to help a rival out. You never see that kind of friendliness in bobsled. He still has four man and should be a threat, but if Lyndon doesn't win a medal, he will still walk away a champion.

Tomorrow will bring some great action I presume. Were .12 from a medal. Snap your fingers. The time it took you to snap your fingers is longer then the time we need to make up. So keep your fingers crossed. Lets get that Bronze.


Dr. Scott said...

Check out this site and let me know what you think, some of the water workouts look great! especially with their bells, leg straps and the jump stretch bands. A friend has been doing some of it and says his hips feel way more mobile for sprinting.

Jason Ross said...

Hey Toby! Cool website....haven't found the water stuff yet...but looked over some of the material. Pretty interesting.