Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Planks as a body assessment?

I was reading through the Conditioning Research blog and the guy mentioned he uses Dan Johns Plank Assessment. I found it pretty interesting. Start in a normal front plank position. First raise the right leg as high as you can and hold it for twenty seconds. Then without leaving the plank, switch to the left leg. After another twenty seconds, switch to the regular front plank, both legs down. What they evaluate is if there is discomfort in the armpit, more back work in the form of rows are needed. If you feel it in your hamstring with either leg raised, more posterior chain work is needed. If you just shake like crazy you need more core. 60 seconds total. What I found when I did this myself was that my left quad felt it the most with my right leg in the air. This has confirmed for me that my left quad from an old back/bobsled injury has left my left quad much weaker/tighter. Give it a shot.

Today was the first day of the girls race. Were sitting in 2nd and two teams tied at 6th. Full report tomorrow, hope to say we have a medal!


meeksreward said...

Do you suggest doing the plank from a straight arm push-up or arms bent position? Thanks, gonna try this as soon as you get back to me on technique.

Jason Ross said...

I like the bent arm position the best for this. If you were trying to integrate more shoulder stability, or bird dog progressions, I would go with straight arm.