Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Power Clean-Olympic Brakemen

This is Curt Tomasevicz brakemen for the USA 1 team. Usually the brakemen are the fastest position on the teams, but Curt just happens to be the strongest. He has amazing acceleration. While the power clean isn't textbook, he shows some brutal power. He trains with John Carlock in Colorado Springs, CO. This is him cleaning 168K. He has done 172 before. Thats a little over 374lb's if your wondering. Curt will be racing the 2 man event and 4 man event in the upcoming weeks in Whistler.


Sifter said...

No doubt he is very strong and very fast. But looking at that power clean I couldnt' help but think of the prevailing sentiment about elite athletes being masters at compensation...compensating for serious structural flaws and imbalances. Would like to see what his lumbar looks like in five years.

Jason Ross said...

They are masters at compensation, but no one can hide from a serious structural flaw. I check alignment on these guys 2-3x a week. They get Xrays and MRI's as preventative once a year, to look for changes. This type of effort/form is used maybe 2x a year. Everyday posture (or lack there of) over five years will cause more damage then a few poor form power cleans. Think sustained pressure repeated day in and day out. (sitting at a computer desk)

I think we can all agree power cleans are for performance not health. Seeking performance means walking a cost/benefit line that the laymen doesn't.

As a side not Curt may be the most structurally sound athlete I've ever treated or been around.