Thursday, February 11, 2010

One day and Counting ......

So tomorrow is opening ceremonies. Our time here in Vancouver is coming to a close. But, what a great time it was. Tomorrow morning is the last training session we will have here at Vancouver College. (In case you didn't know College in Canada is like High School in the states.) They were awesome in letting us use there facility. Here's a pic of the weight room there and a few of our guys training. A special thanks goes to Scott Vass, he is there High Performance Coordinator for the school. The few days I got to talk to him, I got the impression he is doing some awesome things with the kids he has in terms of developing their athletic abilities. Again, I've always enjoyed talking training with knowledgeable minds. He went out of his way to clear gym time, weight room and track time so our teams could use them whenever. Today we got to share lunch with the first graders there. As you can see, we turned some Canadians into big USA supporters, it was honestly unprompted...which made it that much funnier.

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