Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Fall In Love with the Big Ass Salad

I've recently started to try to eat one big ass salad (BAS) a day.  It's a convienent way to get a lot of goodness/healthy in your diet.  My problem in the past is that I don't like making a lot of stuff a lot of the time.  I can do one or two prep times a week though.

This is knowing your weakness and finding ways around them.  If you know salads are good for you, but you also know you don't want to make them everyday, find a way to have left overs.  Find an easy way to prep.  Find an easy way to clean up.  Take away excuses.

Enter the OXO Good Salad Bowel.  This thing was surprisingly large.  It comes with this cutter that never loses contact with the bowel.  Picture a double bladed pizza slicer.  This allows you to cut up the content and make the salad get more dense.

Throw everything you can think of in the bowl and top with favorite salad dressing.  Cut it up.  Eat what you want and save the next couple servings in an air tight container.

The bowl is very easy to clean.  Very easy to use.

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