Friday, July 11, 2014

Kettlebell Halo's: Great for Bikers and Desk Jockeys

The kettlebell Halo is a great exercise to throw in your everyday routine.  If you are a competitive cyclist where you are hunched over your bike for hours per week or you sit at a desk for hours per day then this is a must do mobility drill.

While the Halo won't build crazy strength, it will help to unwind some of the postural influence that you are doing in your everyday life.  For this reason, it's a great to do it a few times per day for reps or do throw in before your workout or as a post ride cool down.

The Halo helps create shoulder mobility and thoracic spine extension.  It takes the Glenohumeral socket into all planes of motion.  Something that should be done daily.  Upper back mobility is an issue with almost everyone these days.

It doesn't take a ton of weight.  So don't think about lifting the heaviest KB you own.  In fact, even though this is known as a KB exercise, you don't need a KB to get the benefits.  If you are a home a heavy jar will work.  I've demonstrated with a book.  Think of compression the object.  Tension is the key, not the weight.

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