Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Good Stuff to Read and Watch

Eric Cressey is giving a free presentation called the Individual Management of the Overhead Athlete.  I'll put notes up after I go through it, but if you want to go watch yourself, you just have to sign up for his newsletter, which I do recommend anyways.

This article in The Atlantic called "How Finland Keeps Kids Focused."  If you are an educator I'd recommend reading it.  The gist...every 45min, kids get 15 min of unstructured "free" time.  I think this can be applicable to other professions as well.  Think adult desk workers.

Brain Pickings is another website I frequent and they posted this gem awhile back.  Rethinking the Placebo Effect.  Essentially, even when we know it's a placebo, it still works.  Pretty cool.

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