Thursday, July 24, 2014

ZFO Sports Vest Review

I have started added weighted walks as part of my lifestyle.  My goals are to incorporate that into my recovery program, increase connective tissue resiliency in my feet and calfs and increase overall leanness.

I asked around and had several suggestions that hyper wear and smartest were the top choices.  I already had a 20lb smartest.  This is an excellent vest.   I was looking for 50-80lb vest.

Hyperwear at that weight would run into 300 dollar range.  This was not what I wanted to spend.

I ended up buying a ZFO 60lb vest off eBay for 80 dollars including the weight with free shipping.  It's big and bulky.  You feel like your wearing bomb diffusing gear.  It gets uncomfortable at times, but for walking it works.  Squats, lunges, chin ups, push ups, it works.  Running, change of direction, no.

It's a little annoying at first trying to figure out the straps that come with it.  But once you get that figured out it is relatively easy to get on and off.

Overall, for the price and for doing static work it's a nice device.  I'm happy with this purchase.  If you plan on moving even a little bit fast, save and invest in the smartest or hyper wear.

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