Monday, July 28, 2014

Some Good Stuff...

American Medical Association is now recommending Chiropractic as the first stop when dealing with lower back pain.

A cool study basically shows that lifting weight (getting stronger) is much better then stretching at preventing injuries.  Exercise Interventions to Prevent Sport Injuries.

I went out to help at this training facility in Scottsdale, AZ a few springs ago and got my first glimpse at "Danny Ball."  Two people teams play volleyball with a 10lb medicine ball.  A few of my friends play now here at Manhattan Park in Grand Rapids, MI.  Fun and great workout.


Adam said...

Hi Jason,
Great blog, thanks for making the effort. I meant to post a comment a while back regarding the Hrv system. I've used ithlete with both the strap and the finger sensor (iPhone) and really like the info provided. I had issue with measuring with the strap and bought the finger sensor ASAP. You must check and re check that headphone volume is on max, but other than that it's been hassle free. I would also point out that personally my standing pulse is somewhat irregular first thing in the morning and the system doesn't like that. I need to let it settle. Hope this encourages you to persist.
The ' Danny' ball was invented by Edgar Hoover I believe! Also known as hooverball. We play it with old fashioned leather med balls!

Jason Ross said...

Thanks Adam...I'll regive it a go with my iPad. Thanks about the info about Hoover ball. Old school methods of training are fascinating to learn about since they seem to come full circle and become cutting edge again!