Monday, July 21, 2014

Random and Interesting

I've always enjoyed learning about subcultures.  I have a particular fondness for sport.  I've also always enjoyed learning about how someone that doesn't fit the "normal" bill succeeds.  This article does both.  NPR talks about the sport of Sumo and and undersized competitor.  Normal is 400lb, this guys is around 200.  Cool.  It's not the size that is stunning. 

Get healthier by sleeping in a cooler room.  This article was pretty cool.   Adults have very small amounts of brown fat in the neck/upper back.  This is metabolically active and much different then the fat we think of.  It can burn sugar.  Sleeping in a room that was 66 degrees doubled the amount of brown fat in 4 weeks.  Sleeping in a room 81 degrees ended up with less fat then when the subjects started.  Sleep cooler for a healthier life.  Let's cool it in the bedroom.

Pretty informative.  Just let almond milk go.  Eat some nuts and drink water.  This article goes into great detail on why drinking almond milk isn't all that it's been made out to be.  Lay off the Almond Milk. 

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