Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Wild Things

"I never saw a Wild Thing sorry for itself.  A small bird will drop dead frozen from its bough without ever having felt sorry for itself."
DH Lawrence

The above quote has been possibly my favorite quote ever since I was a little kid and first heard it.  The same reason I've always enjoyed seeing sparrows.  They remind me of this quote in some small way.

Feeling sorry for oneself, feels like you give up the majesty of you.  I'm not claiming I've never felt that way, or have had a tremendous challenge set before me to see if I could really live up to the quote, but either way, a wild thing is something to be striven for.  Some inner commitment perhaps.

The last few days I've travelled through some amazing land and seen wild majestic creatures.  Bison, Moose, Antelope to name a few.  The quote rings true,  "I never saw a Wild Thing sorry for itself."

Perhaps part of health and performance is to recognize when self pity starts to rise and squash it with a wild spirit before it truly festers in your blood.  Self pity can take many forms.  Excuses, quitting, procrastination all seem like giving up majesty to me.  Next time, it starts to rise, perhaps whisper or shout "WILD THING," don't give up the majesty that is in you.

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