Thursday, May 1, 2014

A Few Good Articles on Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

If you don't know how or what HRV can be used to help performance and measure recovery these couple article will give you a quick cliff notes version of the basic concepts.  Well written by Mike T. Nelson.  I believe these were part of the PaleoFX meetings this year.  Enjoy.

Using Heart Rate Variability Part 1

Using Heart Rate Variability Part 2

Here is an interview that Joel Jamieson did about HRV with swimming.  Joel is the creator of Bioforce HRV a type of system that measures it.  Joel Jamieson Discusses HRV.

Here is a round table on Tnation.  This has some of the best minds in the business discussing HRV.
HRV Roundtable.

I've personally just purchased an Ithlete finger sensor to see about testing a few patients.  This seems much easier then strapping a heart rate chest strap on.  I will blog at a later date on my opinions/findings.

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