Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Cool Studies

There are some pretty cool studies out there recently.

First few remind me of vampires!  The blood of the young restoring the youth of the aged.  Crazy!

The studies were done on mice, but still, pretty amazing.

One study had the protein GDF11 taken from the young mice and put in the older mice.  The older mice restoration capabilities were then greatly increased.  Restoring Systemic GDF11.

This same protein GDF11 improved neuroregenesis and cerebral vasculature.  Vascular and Neurogenic Rejuvenation. 

This study used only the plasma from the blood and cognitive function improved.  Hippocampus size improved as well. Young Plasma.

The last study shows why you should train your grip and keep your grip strength strong as we age.  Those whose grip strength dipped had greater mortality rates.  It was also shown that those that had lesser grip strength when judged by the average, were more likely to have PLOS ONE Measuring the speed of Aging.  The article published in Washington Post.

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