Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Paralysis by Analysis

Sometimes there are just to many options.  I was hunting for some new sunglasses early last summer.  Even received a pair I thought I wanted for a birthday present only to return them for being "heavy" on my face.  Walk into any Sunglass Hut and you can be faced with close to 300 different types of glasses.

It is overwhelming.  I'm the kind of person that researches every purchase.  I didn't want to spend over 150 dollars.  Some I tried on, I liked,  but didn't want to drop 250 bucks on a pair of glasses.

Some I liked but didn't like the feel.

There was always something.

Fast forward to October and I'm heading down to Austin for a music festival.  I'll be outdoors for 10 hours a day.  90 Degrees and sunny.  I realized I'm in desperate need of sunglasses after I arrive.

We parked the car and on the way into the festival, I run into a bike store.  They have 5 pairs of glasses. I try one on, it's light enough.  It feels good.  I buy it.  5 min.

Had them almost a year and haven't had buyers remorse.

Sometimes decisions need deadlines and less options.

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