Friday, May 30, 2014

Knowing What Not To Do

I was going to call this post,  "Stop Doing Stupid Stuff."  Then after thinking about it, I realized it may be stupid to me, but I study this stuff.  Knowing what not to do is just as important as knowing what TO do.  

For example, I had a new patient cyclist in the other day that had a meniscus tear that was being managed.  He was also given lower back stretches by a PT that he did every day.  After treating the knee condition,  I gave him his homework.  He asked me if he should keep doing his low back exercises he was given years ago. 

Low back exercises are a red flag to me, I think most are garbage.  

He proceeded to get into 3 different positions that would force deep flexion under load.  All bad things when you are managing a meniscus issue.  If he had continued to do these stretches 3x a day.  The meniscus would have stayed irritated.   

A runner had been doing a 30 day plank challenge and was trying to overcome a hip flexor strain.  The strain was getting worse when we met.  He casually mentioned he was doing a new core strengthening program.

"Core strength" exercise are a red flag to me, I think most are garbage.

He proceeded to show me his planks and you could see the back sage, the load into the rectus femoris and prime example of why his planks were contributing to his hip flexor pain.  

I've made it a point in the last few years to ask about "prehab" type exercises that they are doing.  It often sheds a light on potential hang ups that will hinder progress further down the line.

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