Thursday, May 22, 2014

Reject or Understand

I can remember being around 19 or 20 years old and doing some work for a guy that lived on a farm.  It was a favor I think my mom "volunteered" me for.  It was to get a big ass rock out of a field.  It was actually kind of fun, almost a type of strongman training.

I remember being done and getting ready to drive off when he asked me if I wanted some eggs.  He knew I ate a lot of eggs, trying to gain weight for football.  I remember thinking something along the lines of, seriously,  em...I can get my own 1.99 eggs.  I just said, "No thanks I'm OK."


Getting home I told my mom about the guy offering me eggs, like he thought it was a big deal.  Said in a tone of sarcasm I'm sure.


My mom said something along the lines of farm pastured eggs are much different then store bought eggs.  Rolling my eyes, "Sure."

Years later I finally tasted a "real" farm free range egg, the kind with an orange yolk.  Game changer!


How delicious and flavorful and healthy.  Never again would I go back to the store bought egg.  I'd search out for them and pay way more for them if needed.  They were worth it.

Looking back I didn't realize the difference.  I had no understanding.  What we don't understand we often reject and ridicule.

One of the things I often read about our things I have rejected to make sure of why I'm rejecting this.  I try not to even get to the ridicule part.  I'm trying to understand.  Hopefully I find some mor

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