Saturday, May 24, 2014

Why You Should Love Bats

I took a bat tour when I was in Costa Rica for my honeymoon years ago.  Learned more about bats then I could have imagined.  One of the facts that I learned was that they can eat a 1000 mosquito's in a single hour!  I fell in love with these little guys when I found that out.  The only mammals that can fly, these guys are truly amazing little creatures.

Having a few bats in the neighborhood can really put the kybosh on mosquito's.  Not only are they great at insect control they also play a role in pollination, something we are losing with the loss of honeybees.

Outside workouts are great.  Grilling is great.  What makes them worse, slapping mosquito's away.  Bats are in the midst of a crisis in North East United States.  A white fungus has started to sicken and kill large bat colonies throughout the New England area and it's moving west.  The first case of white nose syndrome was spotted in Michigan a few months ago.  It targets the species of bats that hibernate.

I asked a veterinarian what local things can be done and they suggest putting up bat boxes in trees.  It provides shelter and space for bats.  Only about one pup per year for most bats, so the loss of habitat due to development is one area we can target to help out.

I hate mosquito's.  So I love bats.  I hate wearing that disgusting mosquito repellent.  So I love bats.   I love working out, outside.  So I love bats.  I love grilling.  So I love bats.  Lets all put up bat houses if we can.  Help save the bats.

Here is a link to a small article on the very real dangers.  Bats at Risk.

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