Saturday, May 3, 2014

Creating More Eustress

Laying in bed this morning take my heart rate, I've come to the conclusion that stress is more an interpretation of the mind then the body.  Looking forward to something has a positive energy, just like dreading something can be negative.  Often, they could be the same situation.

I've woken up dreading to go on a bike ride and woken up and been excited.  The same activities, but with difference in attitude that I think effects our physiology.

I've been reading more Robert Sapolsky.  I've been thinking more about Heart Rate Variability and stress.

I have a patient that always come in with upper back tension.  No matter what exercise, breathing, movement we try.  Finally, she didn't.  I asks what changed.  She said nothing.  Probing deeper, her boss had been gone for a week and she then stated she did 3 fun things that week.  Interesting.

Perhaps we under estimate the power of play, fun and laughter.  I'm starting to think it's just as important as the other health and performance blocks we chase.

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