Saturday, May 31, 2014

Exploring Sports Movements

As someone that deals with a lot of different types of sports, sometimes it helps to have a bit of an understanding of the movement that takes place.

Biomechanics are biomechanics, healthy joint is healthy joint, but sometimes you may gain a little more understanding by doing it.

Recently I took my first boxing lesson.  I was amazed at how sore my power leg got from the 45 min workout.  Power obviously come from the hips, but to feel it first hand, let me know how much the adductor magnus contributes to the inside pivot of the back leg.

From now on whenever I deal with an MMA fighter or boxer, I will closely examine the adductors of the power leg.

This is something that I could only have experienced first hand.  Pretty fun.

Just like mountain bikers and triceps, muscles that normally you wouldn't think would be that involved, become very important.

Explore new sports not only for the insight, but it's fun, and is probably doing something for neuroplasticity of the brain as well.

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