Wednesday, May 28, 2014

My 1000 Post

According to Google stats this is my 1000 post.  I first started creating this blog in 2008.  Crazy that it's been a little over 5 years.  I've left for months without much posting and come back.  The blog has been different things to me at different times.

Accountability: My first attempt at the blog was to provide some context to what I was thinking and reading.  Almost like accountability.  If you have nothing to say, perhaps your not thinking or reading enough?  

Fame:  After awhile, I started getting some pretty good numbers on page views.  I'm going to be a health blog guru!  Quit my job and just write about cool stuff.  LOL.  I cared about page views.  I think that's about the time, my blog become like a job.  Something to do.  I lost interest.  

Journal:  I came back to it and started writing strictly for me.  Could I write on a topic with understanding.  That is how you know a material.  

Creative Outlet:  I can remember being a little kid and writing stories.  I still have a callus on my finger from squeezing the pencil so long and hard.  It's something I still enjoy doing.  Every blog article is a little bit of creativity.  

Discipline:  These days, it provides me some discipline to sit and write.   I'm trying to go a year straight with a blog entry.  Sometimes success is just showing up.  

Idea Muscle:  James Altucher (look him up if you don't know who he is)  has a practice of writing 10 new ideas down on a paper every day.  He states it builds up the idea muscle.  When I decided to post every day I thought it would be much harder.  The more I did it, the more ideas for topics started to happen.  

Educational:  Hopefully, if someone were to look at my blog once a week,  they would find a link to a great article, a tip on health, athletics or performance.  Perhaps they discover a way of looking at something differently.  A great book to read.  A cool product.  Or, it sends them down the Internet rabbit hole of chasing a thought or idea. (something I love doing)

I've gotten to talk to cool people through the blog.  Interviews with people I'd never have gotten to interact with.  This blog was the impetus for getting me fired from my first job!  For that,  I will always be thankful.  It has provided an outlet for thinking.  It reminds me that what I know now, hopefully isn't what I know in a few years.  Some early posts, I don't even believe in!  (I would never train the VMO for example) 

I have no grand illusions of creating massive world wide health changes.  I'm content with just trying to change me.  If you gain some insight or knowledge from my journey, that is a remarkable bonus.  


Danny Adams said...

I read your posts everyday mate, your doing an awesome job! Especially this year, a post everyday is remarkable! Keep going! Would be good to hear the interviews you have done if you have the links available at all?


Jason Ross said...

Hey Danny, thanks man. I'm having someone redo the blog/website. I'm not sure how to look up old topics as the search engine as this one doesn't seem to work well. Most are other people contacting me for their blogs.