Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Where is Your Zen

Meditation was always something that I found really hard to do.  This was when the only meditation was me sitting in an uncomfortable lotus position trying to be peaceful with no thoughts in my head.  Then I realized meditation can be many things to different people.  Essentially just get out of your head and create a calm inner(ness).

Why should you try to find a practice?  There is more research with the benefits of meditation then almost all forms of therapy.  It can literally change your brain.  Boost immunity.  Focus, memory and mood can be improved and altered.

Here is a sample article on the benefits and research.  Meditation as Medicine.

Meditation I was told doesn't have to be the quite space with you humming something in some yoga position.  It is just something that you practice that can create in the moment quietness of mind.  This was what a teacher told me at least.

Breathing Kettlebell ladders .  One way that I think I practice meditation and attain zen.  Focus is only on the breathing.  In through the nose, out through the mouth.  Hard to think about anything when your so focused on breathing.

Mountain biking.  In the moment blasting down hills and I use a mantra that I just keep saying on tough up hill climbs.   Repeating mantras has a strong meditative background and is even the basis for some.

Gratitude lists.  Just sit and list everything you are grateful for.  Simple and powerful.

These are just a few examples.  I have had plenty of patients tell me that running for them is a form of meditation, no thoughts enter their head.  It "clears" the mind for them.

Whatever you choose to do or attempt to do, the research says it's worth to find something that you can do and do regularly.  Go find your zen!

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