Monday, February 10, 2014

Do it Every Day if It's Important and Stop Worrying about the Rest

If you do what's important everyday, Ala Dan John, you don't have to worry to much about the stuff that you don't do everyday.  Get it?

You can use this as a reference for other things, diet, personal hygiene, family, anything.

Diet.  Things that are important every day.  Water.  Quality protein.  Quality fat.  Vegetables.  If I don't do it everyday, I'm not that concerned with it.  I don't eat pie everyday, but when my Mom cooks a homemade pie, I'm eating it.  Guilt free.  I don't drink beer everyday, but I enjoy having a hand crafted coffee stout with friends.  Gluten and all.

Personal Hygiene.  Take a shower.  Poop.  Brush teeth.  Floss.  Everyday.  After this stuff, you can start debating whether  you should use a special stool to poop, organic shampoos, ect....Basics first.

Read.  Everyday.  My day is more enjoyable when I make time to read.  Don't worry about what your not learning if your currently learning.

Physical activity.  It's important.   Even if it's 10 min of walking and 10 minutes of stretching (I would say foam rolling).  It doesn't even have to be all at once.  Don't debate the best way to stretch the hamstrings or not stretch the hamstrings if you aren't doing 20 min of activity daily.  Argue about philosophy of training, after you are training.

If you do the stuff that's important everyday, everyday,  you can stop worrying about the stuff you don't do all the time.  If you don't drink diet pop everyday, don't kill yourself if your doing the important stuff EVERYDAY.  

Get it?

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