Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Super Bowl Thoughts

If you watched the Super Bowl that was played a few days ago, and many of us did with it being the highest watched event ever, you noticed something with in a few minutes of play.  Seattle is fast!  Seattle is strong! Seattle plays with an attitude!

They were faster and stronger and knew it.  Two guys to the ball.  One smacked you and the other tackled you.  Unrelenting pressure.  In the end it almost covers up the need for skills.  You would find a lot of agreement that Peyton Manning may be one of the most skilled quarterbacks of all time.  Wes Welker and crew may be able to catch a football like no other, but, if you don't have the speed and strength to display skill, you lost.

How did all these Seattle players last till the later rounds?  The best corner back is a 5th rounder?  What are talent evaluators looking at?

Our best is better then your best.  They actually said after the game they had simplified their game plan. Who does that for the Super Bowl?

Pete Carol the head coach has a concept for big games.  Just play average.  His thinking is that most teams and players tighten up in big games and don't play their best.  Just play your average, you will win.  Coach Carol has a winning history in big games.

Defense still wins, speed still kills, the strong still rise.  Nice to know somethings don't change.

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