Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Find the Coffee you Love and Brew it Better

I'm a big coffee fan.  Espresso to be exact.  There has been a lot of press over something called Bulletproof coffee that I started drinking about a year ago.  A few friends and I played around with other ingredients and came up with Unstoppable Coffee.  Espresso, ( made from awesome beans) whole grass fed cream, grass fed butter, coconut oil and a raw egg yolk.  Pretty awesome if I do say so myself.  I think even Mark Sisson started doing something similar.  Primal Coffee.

I also started watching this show called Dangerous Grounds.  The owner travels the world into the most crazy places looking for amazing coffee.  He's the ultimate coffee explorer.  The man knows his coffee bean.  I recently found an article he wrote summarizing how to find and make the best coffee for you.

Find your favor pallet.  There are three main types of flavors: Bitter chocolate, nutty sweet, acidic fruit. All beans will be described in this fashion.  Find the one you love the most.

For every one gram of coffee you use 17 grams of water.  This will require a scale.   Brewing this way actually will save you money.

Brew your best coffee.

 There is a lot of health benefits it seems from coffee, especially cognitively.  I wouldn't start drinking coffee if you don't like it, head over to the green tea line.  But, if your going to drink it, make it the best you possibly can.

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