Monday, February 24, 2014

Upper Traps Tight?

We are bipedal creatures that haven't quite readily adapted to being only upright.  It was a comment a heard maybe a year ago.  It was talking about the constant  feeling of having "tight traps."  Our shoulders just hang there.  We very rarely if ever hang off things anymore using those muscles around the shoulder girdle or put force into the muscles from the ground up.

So one of the exercises I have people do with chronic tightness is to get down on all fours.  Kneeling that is.  Hands spread on the floor.  Neck neutral.  Pull the shoulder blades down the spine.  This will take a bit of coaching as most people just want to squeeze the shoulder blades (retract) them.  You are actively pulling the blades down and squeeze hard,  now squeeze harder, now squeeze even harder and hold.  Keep breathing.  Hold.  Hold it.  Now relax and get up.  Upper traps still feel "tight?"

Try it on yourself or with your patients.  Think you will like it.

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