Saturday, February 8, 2014

PVC Pipe Triceps Exercise


sifter said...

No offense, but this exercise seems kind of convoluted. You can just do pushups on a pair of softballs, will work everything more intensively including grip, forearm and triceps, then risking falling on your face. Reminds me of that video of a guy doing pushups while holding to knives plugged into the ground, link was somewhere off of dragondoor.

Jason Ross said... offense, but did you even try them. Because I just tried your softball and it was not that hard. The PVC will knock the socks off grip and triceps and core more then the softballs. They are pretty safe, don't go to failure and you set a knee down when you feel tired. Just give it a shot's more stable then you think....and way more hard. Plus I like the neutral grip aspect.