Monday, February 3, 2014

Life is Lateralization

Lateralization is a concept that when you have an injury or dysfunction that you find a way to move laterally which allows you to not take a step back in training. If you have an irritated lower back, we most likely wouldn't do full back squats or deadlifts, but perhaps Bulgarian split squats would be tolerated.

Shoulder pain in certain range of motions?  Perhaps floor press or high volume rows are in order.  Foot injury with running leads us to perhaps sprints on a bike to keep the cardio system in check.

I think Charlie Weingroff was where I first heard the concept of lateralization.  The concept is especially important for injuries and people coming off surgeries.  It may not make the original problem better.  You will have to deal with the issue.  But, you won't take a step back in fitness.

Don't move back. Sidestep.  In taking a step laterally, not backwards, we make progress.  Sometimes getting ahead, simply means not moving backwards.  

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