Friday, February 21, 2014

Learn What's In Front of You

Once again this weekend I'm reminded about subjects that I've blow off in the past and wished I had learned or payed more attention to.  I can look back and see a trail of subjects I had scoffed at, just another step on the ladder to a place I was going in my head.   It was there to only allow me to get to somewhere further down the line.

Problem, sometimes you realize the top of the ladder wasn't what you thought and to have known the subject you had discounted would allow you to switch ladders.  Other times, it was something that would make your top of the ladder experience that much greater.

I blew off Physics in high school.  I was going to play football in college.  My mentality at 17.  What do I need Physics for?  Fast forward 4 years.  I need to take Physics to complete my degree.  It would have been a much easier experience the second time around to have had a solid background.

Sophomore year of college I dropped Organic Chemistry because I had to study way to much.  It was interfering with football.  I was going to play in the NFL!  My mentally at 19.  Fast forward 4 years.  I graduated but am not in the NFL.  I'm trying to go to Chiropractic school.  I need Organic Chemistry to get in.  I end up taking it at a junior college.

First year in Chiropractic school.  I can't stand we are studying things like Embryology, Histology and Anatomy.  I came to school to learn how to move a bone and make that cracking sound.  Why in the world do I have to take this junk?  My mentality at 25.  Fast forward a few years and I realize everything is Anatomy.  Fast forward to present day and you start realizing cells make up the body, the muscles,  fascia, bone, connective tissue.  Referred pain is from embryology.  The way muscle, tendon, ligament, bone blend together is histology.  Things I want to know all about.

Hopefully, the next time I have something in front of me, I take the time to learn it, instead of just getting through it and discarding it as useless.  Maybe this can be my mentality at 37.

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