Thursday, February 13, 2014

What is Your Culture

If you have been watching this years Olympics you will have noticed that speed skating is being dominated by the Netherlands.  They have been winning and winning a lot.  I can remember being on tour with some of the Dutch bobsledders and them telling me how big a speed skater is in terms of fame in their homeland.  Think our NBA type fame.  The Dutch grow up skating essentially.

Jamaica is producing fast sprinters in Track and Field.  They have a love of track there with the High School National Championships often more packed then some World Championships.  Kids track and field clubs are plentiful.  Kids sprint.

Norway has always been a power house in cross country skiing.

Finland was a powerhouse in distance running.  Not that way anymore, cultures can change.  Now we see Kenya as powerhouse in distance running.  It's very much in the culture to run...and keep running.

For such a small country the Dominican Republic is producing quite a few baseball players.  Friends that have gone and done medical missions tell me that from sunup to sundown, day in and day out, every boy is playing some form of the game.  Stick ball, catch, actual games.  The island is engulfed with baseball.

When a country devotes it's culture to an activity, where from a young age, people just grow up doing it for the love of the activity they are going to produce a lot of talent in that sport.  The culture is strong.

Just like a country a company can have a culture.  When you think of the company Nike, "Just Do It," will probably come to mind.  The culture is one of inspiring activity.   A person I believe can have a culture.  It's what you think of when you hear a name.  Barry Bonds culture has changed from being perhaps the best baseball player of all time, to representing the steroid era.

If you are a company, gym, clinic or athlete, what is your culture?  What do you want to people to think of when they hear your name.  What is going to be cultivated daily in your life and the life or your business or activity.

What is your Culture?


Danny Adams said...
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Danny Adams said...

England's culture is Soccer... it's beyond me as to how we have not won the World cup or European cup more times, it is ridiculous.