Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Plantar Fasciitis No More

This is one of the clearest explanations of heel pain I've ever seen.  Very informative.  Most people (including therapists) still believe that this is an inflammatory condition.  It's not.  Which means old ideas of treatment are outdated and not that effective.


Trev said...

Thanks for posting, that was really interesting. As an occasional sufferer I think I'll be trying these strategies out.

I wonder if there's a link to arch collapse? And I wonder how many other itis-s around the body might really be osis-s?

vernie cassity said...

Great post, thanks doc

dirtrunr said...

Holy smokes! I haven't run since the beginning of June. I watched the video and he is describing exactly where my pain is! And when I massaged the top of my foot it is so tender up there! Thank you so much for this!